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Urnerboden the biggest and most beautiful alp of Switzerland

If you'll have a look at the map of Uri, you will recognise that the border does not follow the watershed like expected, it goes over the pass deep into the valley. In the year 1315 the border was agreed between Glarus and Uri. This ended a long controversy between the two cantons.

Politically, Urnerborden is related to the municipality of Spiringen. Living in Urnerboden all year round is just possible after a decision in October 1877 of the Upper House of the Federal Parliament. Before it was only possible in the summer season.

1899 the school was built, 1902 a chaplainian and in 1915 a church was built in a new baroque style.
1888 only 73 people lived on Urnerboden and 12 years later already 146 people.
1935 the highest population density with 250 people was reached.
2001 there were only 56 people living in Urnerboden the whole year round. The school and post office were closed forever.
2001 the post started new the houseservice.
2001 the new cable railway to the "Fisetengrat" was build and will put into operation at the 1st of December 2001.
2002 Die neue Seilbahn ist ein grosser erfolg im Sommer und Winter Halbjahr
2003 Jetzt sind nur noch ca. 40 Einwohner auf dem Urnerboden
2003 Der Postautobetrieb wird auf Bedarfsbus umgestellt
2007 Der Bedarfsbus wurde in den Urnerboden Sprinter geändert
2008 Der Wander-Schlittelweg wird eröffnet

The Urnerboden is the largest alp of Switzerland. In the summer, there are up to 1200 cows on the Urnerboden and approximate 700 on the Gemsfairenalp and the Fiseten.

Tourism on Urnerboden
Hiking , biking , cross-country skiing , skiing , ice climbing , mushing , relaxing , all these things are possible for a nature lover in Urnerboden.


How to reach the largest alp of Switzerland

How to get there during the winter season
From November until May or June, depending on the snow,  Urnerboden is only reachable from canton Glarus. The Klausenpass is closed during the winter time!

How to get there during the summer season
During the summer it is possible to reach the Urnerboden via Altdorf over the Klausenpass which is 1952 meters above sea level.

by train and "Urnerboden Sprinter"
by train to Linthal and from there with the "Urnerboden Sprinter" (on request) ride to the Urnerboden. For Request call: 

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